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Alexandrina V. Rose 

a child author of a series of books

Sasha is a real girl who lives in the USA.  Her official name is Alexandrina and Sasha is the nickname Mommy and Daddy use to call her at home. Her Daddy is an American and her Mommy is Russian. Alexandrina loves telling stories and some of them are so cool that she wants to tell them to other kids. Her first book Sasha and Uni in Dreamland was published in May 2020 when Alexandrina was only 6. She is also the one who fully illustrated it. The text in Sasha's books is only slightly adjusted to make it sound more acceptable.

Sasha is still in the process to write more books. 


Sasha's Night-Night Stories is planned to be a 7 books collection. Each book represents one of the colors of the rainbow. Subscribe to our letters and we will let you know when her new book is available. Collect them all!


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